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We are excited to have many events at AES. 

The PTO strives to support the students, parents and education at Alpharetta Elementary School by promoting a sense of community through fundraisers, events and give-back programs. All of these activities add in a positive way to the AES experience for all of us. The PTO plans, organizes, staffs and operate dozens of activities each year.

It takes the continued commitment of a lot of people to make all of the activities a reality. 

Please consider volunteering to help with one or two of the activities listed below.

By volunteering you will be helping the PTO, the school, your child and yourself. 



We want to thank each and every volunteer. 

Please volunteer for at least one event and reach out to each lead below or Stephanie Scher

directly and she will connect you with each lead for more details on needs and positions. 


EagleFest: September 20th

Kristen Bell, Jennifer Zeigler

EagleFest Baskets: Shawna Goelz

EagleFest Silent Auction: Jill Scott & Rachel Ramsey

Flying 5K: February 22nd

Amy McCallum, Erin Boys

Bingo Night: Feb 7th

Keera Brooks

Parent Night: TBD

Stephanie Scher*


Sponsorship & Donations for Events

Jane Scott, Suzanne Sieciewicz




Upcoming Events 
To keep up with the AES calendar on your phone, download the Membership Toolkit app, or visit the Calendar Subscriptions page under the My Account tab.

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