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Frequently asked questions about PTO membership...

Why should I join the AES PTO?

By joining the PTO as a family member, staff or community partner and making a donation, you help us meet our school's needs that are outside the scope of the budget.


If I join, do I have to go to meetings, spend all my spare time in the classroom or volunteer for events?

Not unless you want to! Becoming a member of the PTO supports the school, teachers, students and administration by helping us meet our school's needs that are outside the scope of the budget. 

When you go a step further and volunteer to help with events—or join our board— you set a fine example for our students to follow, and greatly encourage our teachers and staff, but it is not a requirement!


What types of things does the PTO membership fee go towards?

The PTO funds academic programs and materials for the teachers and students that enhance the learning environment within the school. We are a 501c3 non-profit and any monetary contribution is completely tax deductible.


The AES PTO is proud to have been able to:

Pay for a science lab run by scientists   -   Purchase Classroom Computers   -   Provide Extra Grants & Supplies to Teachers    -  Purchase Classroom Libraries   -   Provide Lunch & Treats for Staff   - Purchase Software  -  Resurface the front Basketball Courts


We also make a difference by purchasing food for students who would otherwise not have enough to eat during the holiday breaks, buying school supplies, and paying for field trips. Our students love the book fair, so we make sure to purchase books for those students who normally would not be able to.

These are just a few examples of the many things PTO is able to do with your help!  Click here for more detailed information!


Why do we need to fundraise for the school?

Though taxes in our area went up this past year, Fulton County Schools cut school budgets to every school for this school year, so AES has less money to work with.  Schools need more support for ancillary things. The school system supplies the basics, and we supply the extra to create the most enriching learning environment possible for everyone!


PTO Participation

The PTO board members and staff at Alpharetta Elementary are committed to ensuring that all students and their families are able to participate in AES activities throughout the year.   We recognize that these are challenging times, and we do not wish for any child to miss out on a PTO activity for financial reasons.   For further information and assistance, and to ensure complete confidentiality, please contact our school counselor, Kerri Arnold


Upcoming Events 
To keep up with the AES calendar on your phone, download the Membership Toolkit app, or visit the Calendar Subscriptions page under the My Account tab.

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